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paint coming off Hardie siding

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We have a new home that is six years old. After two years paint started coming off in spots on the west side of the house. This is the side that gets most of the wind and rain. The contractor repained the spots. The paint is S/W paint with a 30 year warrenty. They say if they used the wrong primer, on warrenty.
We are still having problem. What does the contractor need to do to correct the problem???
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Some hardie siding has a primer on it from the factory. Most manufacturers will require a primer over this factory primer to ensure proper adhesion. hadry siding is cementuous. The ph level is often what causes premature paint failure. A PQR could be performed by the servicing store to further research the specific issue. I would spot primer the peeling spots with a 100% acrylic primer then try to touch up the area with the original paint if any is left over. After 2 years it will be difficult to make the color blend perfectly so your contractor may have to paint up to the end of a wall or a joint in the siding. I would take a piece of the peeling paint to the store and have a PQR done. That's a good starting point.
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