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What is the norm?..THANKS.

Do we paint the ceilings with the same color as the interior doors?

Do we paint the trims and baseboards the same colors as the doors?

we have:

- Ceilings: to get FLAT- Benjamin moore white dove color

- Interior pre-primed doors from store: to get SEMI-GLOSS -sherin williams acylic pro classic latex enamel
- trim/baseboards are pre-primed from store: SAME AS ABOVE

-- Also, are the doors hinges supposed to be painted?

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Geo- There isn't completely a norm- style and taste and overall dec plan would decide.
White dove is a fine color- it Could be used as flat for ceiling and in semi on trim. Typically trim includes doors, windows- cove - anything that would get enameled.
i have seen stained doors with painted trim- that can look nice, but usually not 2 colors of enamel.
Painting hinges is a bad idea. It doesn't stay on well , particularly the moving parts. If they're clean- cut them in or tape them off.
If they're already painted, oh well, for the trouble to clean them I would just do it again.
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