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My first project for my new sprayer (thanks for the recommendations in my previous thread!) is to paint some oak built-ins that are finished with some kind of varnish (~20 years old).

We do have a windowseat in our house that matches the built-ins and was previously painted over. The painter primed with BIN (with almost no prep!), painted with some semi-gloss Kelly Moore latex, and the finish is holding up very well! The reason that painter chose Kelly Moore (AFAIK) is because the color we specified, Swiss Coffee, is available through Kelly Moore in pre-mixed 5 gallon containers. I don't know why they couldn't just have the same color mixed up elsewhere, but whatever they used, it's solid. Great adhesion, no blocking.

That said - I'd like to achieve a similarly durable finish on my large built-ins. The only other enamel paint I've used is SW ProClassic, which worked out pretty well on a dresser I painted, but I'm open to using anything that will give me a nice solid, durable finish. As for primer, I would use BIN since I've seen it work on this finish, but I don't think I want to put it through my sprayer and am leaning towards something water-based if possible. My local SW store pointed out a few water-based bonding primers they sell which could be good options.

Any input on this project?
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