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Newbie here, and couldn't find anything quite on point for this question. I scored a $100 MAC cosmetic train case for $5 at a resale shop--very happy! It is black, but I'd like to paint it a color that coordinates with my bathroom (lighter: yellow, green, blue, or even white).

I'm confused as to what material(s) it is made of; I looked it up on MAC and it is no longer sold. Similar pro cases seem to be made primarily of aluminum, but it looks like the handle at least is made out of some sort of very heavy-duty plastic (maybe like the material glass frames are made of). BTW, the aluminum is ridged slightly, and the plastic is flat, hard, and shiny. I really don't care about preserving the shine or ridges, just getting the color right.

Is there a specific paint I should use for this? Ideally one that can work with both the metal and the plastic (assuming it is plastic)? It will get some heavy use--opening/closing the hinges repeatedly on a daily basis, and be stored in my bathroom--relatively humid.

Any ideas/tutorials? Thank you!!


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That case is most likely aluminum. Aluminum is relatively lightweight and cheap and non-reactive. If a strong magnet doesn't stick to it that would confirm it.

What I would do is just pick a spray paint company like Krylon or Rustoleum and call their 1-800 number and ask your question: I have an aluminum and plastic make-up case. What paint do you recommend that's good for aluminum and hard plastic?

I previously called the rustoleum 1-800 number and got good advice. I had to wait a while before talking to a real person, though.

In your case you will probable be using spray paint. I know rustoleum has an aluminum primer and plenty of colors to choose from.

It would be best to take it apart as much as possible before painting but that may not be possible if there are no screws.

You should also get some of the blue painters tape to cover up the areas you don't want painted. You might have to go in 2-3 sections if you want different parts of the case in different colors.
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