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Package Unit.Fan Blower bearing out.

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I have what started out as a fan blower replacement need.On the roof The blower squeeked horribly so i replaced it.But now when it calls for heat, The fan only goes on, on (on) Auto doesnt kick the fan on. And the wires must be wrong because now i have the Condenser fan and the compressors' running.Can you help me on this one?
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this is a roof top pkg unit if i read this correctly ? copy of wiring diagram will deff help us out as working blind isnt a good idea ,, any chances of getting wiring diagram or model no. i can look on mfg site.. let us know
sounds like low voltage issues.... not sure how that happened if you were just changing blower motor.... something is weird...:eek::eek: need to measure voltages at terminal strip..... :thumbsup: no use guessing we will be here a while..:(
sounds like miswiring or no voltage on auto side rather than low voltage my guess
could be... if is calling for heat and the cooling is running my first stop would be the low voltage to see whats going on.... :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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