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Pac-Man Wall Decal !?

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So for Christmas I want to buy my brother a Pac-man Wallpaper to cover up His whole wall , but i can't seem to find anything ? I don't want a strip of wall paper I want it to Cover it from top to bottom !

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A little late

I know I am a little late but I saw a post on with a pac man wall decal. I just checked their site and couldnt find it. It looks like they have more "home" stuff now. I bet if you emailed them they might still sell them.
My advice is to do a search online for wall murals or wall decals. I'm sure someone out there has a pac-man one, I'm just not sure you'll find one that’s big enough to cover a whole wall. I've used Wall Pops for my decals in the past, maybe they have some. Check them out and best of luck.
I am guessing he got his brother something else for Christmas?:)
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