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Hi, I am almost done installing my new bathroom sink in an old 1940s house. The drain goes into the wall with 1 1/2 CPC PVC. I am trying to tie into that from the sink. I got the P TRAP from lowes that says Inlet 1 1/2" or 1 1/4" OUTLET 1 1/2". The package says its made of POLYPROPYLENE.
I got it hooked to the new sink drain but trying to tie it to the existing wall drain. That end of my new Poly piece is not threaded but fits semi snug into the existing CPC PVC where I cut it off before it goes into the wall. Can I just prime and cement that where the two join (slip the new Poly into the CPC PVC? Hope I didnt make it more confusing by over explaining, but I dont want to screw this up.
Thanks ahead of time

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Don't glue in the P-trap---You need a trap adapter---It will have a 1 1/2" male threads and use a nut and nylon washer.

Post a picture----please.---Mike---
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