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Overwhelmed condensation pump

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Ok, for my intro to these forums I think I have a good one for everone...

I have a condensation pump that I installed last summer. Prior to this the AC & humidifier dumped in to a floor drain, however due to some serious plumbing issues which cannot be resolved without tens of thousands of dollars, I was forced to plug all of my floor drains in my basement. My condensation pump had to drain somewhere so I sent it over to my sump well (a plumber said this was acceptable).

My problem is that when the humidity gets really high during the summer or when the humidifier run, the condensation pump gets overwhelmed and shuts everything down until it catches also dumps some water on the floor from the piping on the furnace.

My run from the pump to the sump well is around 47 feet including a 9ft rise. I'm using 1/2in OD, 3/8in ID flexible tubing for my run and I have made sure there are no kinks and it is on as much of a downward slope as possible. My pump is a Little Giant VCMA-20ULS 1/30HP, 80GHP.

Last detail is that I live in a condo so structural changes are out of the question (but all this stuff is mine to deal with - gotta love it). Also, if it matters for code purposes, I'm in Michigan.

My questions are;
Do I need a bigger/stronger pump?
Do I just need a bigger tube? Another tube?
Would cutting 2 ft from the rise do it?

Is there something else? Let me have it! I've been trying to figure this out for nearly 9 months and I'm at wits end.
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Something wrong with that pump, it should be able to handle the A/C without a problem. The 9' lift shouldn't be enough to hinder it.

The A/C can't remove 1 gallon a minute of moisture from the air. Make sure there are no kinks in the drain line of the pump.

And eliminating 2' of the lift will increase its pumping ability.
I agree that the pump should be able to handle the AC without a problem, heck, when I installed it I THOUGHT it could handle the humidifier too!

I double checked my tube and found no kinks and I dumped 1/2 gallon of water through the pump several times and it handled it with no problem.

I plan on raising the pump up, but I have to build it a platform since the electronics of the furnace are right where I would screw it in.
check the impellar on the pump might be slimmed up ever think of putting the pump in a platic container to hold the slight over you have a check valve on the riser nearest the pump:wink:the pump mihjy be fikking in the off cycle from that 50' run out
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