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We have a conference room with 19 recessed lights and two 3-way Lutron ay-103p dimmers. This is a commercial office building.

Dimmer 1 has 10 90w flood lights. Dimmer 2 has 9 90w flood lights.

Both dimmers are in a duplex metal box, with one fin broken between the two.

Per Lutron's specs, this decreases the capacity of each dimmer from 1000w to 800w, so dimmer 1 is 100w over and dimmer 2 is 10w over.

The screws and plastic cover plate are hot to the touch. When the cover plate screws are removed, they are hot in your hand. It's always been like this since the new building was built, but i'm just starting to get worried about it.

Is there dimmer we could replace these two with, that would still allow them to fit in the duplex box?

This was fully inspected and approved in Maryland in September 2006. :furious:

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