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overlaying 1 inch of concrete

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living room floor kind of has two levels, one surface is about 1 inch higher than than the other. I want to put on an other layer so the surfaces are level. what kind of cement should I use. For prep work , should I scrub the surface with some acid solution or do I need to grind it? The surface seems to have some kind of paint (see attached). thanks


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grind off the paint, lay down an epoxy vapor barrier IF its slab on grade, build to elevation you need w/wood,,, this isn't a good prospect for diy work impo
haven't seen thuse here, stuart,,, is that a true screed OR a filler panel ? guess it depends on how 1 defines 'screed',,, i'll look for them at world of concrete - don't recall seeing them the last time but

my thoughts on this - either extended polymer-modified cement, bonded, OR unbonded overlay,,, pm cement's going to be expensive; bonded requires more prep than just dia grinding & will probably exhibit random cracking when done; or the unbonded

1 could also hire in a gypcrete crew

the easiest for a diy'er is, imn-s-hfo, plywood on top of wood
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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