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Overhanging stone counter support

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I need to rebuild the framing in the picture. Planning on a stone overhanging counter that extends towards the camera with two chairs. It will need to be wider, about where the hole is in the floor. There will be floor cabinets and stone counter on the other side, away from the camera. Regarding the higher extending counter, will 2x6 on the top with 2x6 supports be enough for this? I will also need bracket extensions to support the counter. Do I need to use L brackets or bolt in flat brackets? Assuming L would be stronger if someone pushes on the counter too much. The overhang counter will extend a small amount over the cabinet counter side.



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I like using steel plates that are flat. I do not like seeing brackets or hitting my legs. 1/8 inch should be fine. Your stone mason or cutter will have them.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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