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Hello to all,
This is my first post, and although I should know the answer it seems as I get older I tend to second guess myself. The rear of our home (faces North) is cantilevered over the top of the poured foundation by about 20” It is about 3’ above grade and the room above this area is part of our kitchen. All the bays involved were randomly stuffed with scrapes of different kinds of insulation by the previous owner. Mostly faced, either Kraft or foil, but in no particular pattern, mostly just balled up and stuffed into the cavites. I want to clean it up and my first thought was to just put 20”long strips of unfaced R30 fiberglass with a piece of R13 butted against it with the paper facing the basement. But, as mentioned the room above it is a heated room so now I wonder if I should put faced R30 facing up to the floor instead. The problem with that is the nails coming through from flooring etc. will surely slice up or puncture the facing. Can anyone offer me an opinion on this? Thank you.


BTW, I don't know how my name ended up in capitals, is there a way I can edit that to lower case?
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