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oven stuck in broil

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I have a Kitchenaid stove and over Christmas the oven seems to have gotten stuck in "clean" mode. I have the breaker off but when I turn it on the broil goes wide open. Broil is the only part of the oven that works and it will not turn off.(cook top is fine)

I researched and ordered the $200 oven control module and have it replaced but the same thing....goes straight to broil.

My next move is to call a repair person which wouldn't be such a big deal except I live in the country and they will have to travel about an hour just to come look at the oven.

Any ideas or suggestions? what controls the oven beside the oven control module?
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I now realize there is also a Zodiac conrol board whihc has the relay's and such......that must be the issue so I'm ordering one MOnday
most likely broil relay contacts are welded together
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