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Oven/stovetop causes self reset

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Hello everyone! I have a Whirlpool electric stove, model GGE388LXS00. I have 2 symptoms:

-sometimes when using the stovetop the unit will reset (display goes blank, clock resets to 12:00), but because the temperature knob is still turned the cooktop will stay on after the reset

-often times when using the oven the entire unit will turn off. I must flip the circuit breaker off, then back on to turn the oven on.

When resetting at the breaker the display on the unit gives 3 codes (pretty sure these are part numbers) M0168, E0167, EC0005. It does not display any error codes.

Any help would be awesome, thank you!
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I don't know exactly how old it is, we purchased the house 8 months ago. It's not an old stove by any means.

They are definitely not error codes. I've checked the owners manual and tons of searching online. I can find very little reference to those codes, and they do not fit the format of other error codes/tables I've found.

I was thinking they were part numbers because if I search the web for e0167 it comes back as a stove part, as does m168 (but not m0168).

I will try cutting power for 5 minutes, but as it does not reset every time it is used, it will be hard to tell if it solved anything (but hopefully it does!).
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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