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outside flooring on cement

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I have a gazebo. I am in MI and I would like to have some outside flooring 12x12 what I can keep up, for the summer month.
It will get wet but I would like to move the chairs (which are heavy) freely on the flooring what ever I will put down as flooring and it will be on cement.
I ried ouside carpeting and it was ok but where the cement blocks come together the chairs would get stuck and make holes into the carpeting.
Anybody who has any great ideas I would love to hear from you!
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You might look into rubber "pavers" and similar materials. They look nice, are easy to install and quite durable. Here is the first Google reference I found to give you an idea. I suspect they come in a variety of quality and price varieties and virgin and recycled materials. You could toss an outdoor area rug over them for a more formal look if desired., Patio and Walkway Products.html
they make tile for decks. its wood and the pieces snap together. in the winter you can unsnap them and store them inside.
the last link even has tile that doesnt need to be grouted.
Thank you so much both of you. I will keep you posted on how my projkect is going Thanks again :thumbup:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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