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Outside AC unit wont start

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The low voltage is good at the t-stat. The inside blower comes on and the outside fan comes on but not the compressor. I don't have 24 volts at the coil side on the contactor. I have 24 volts on the circuit board. This is a ICP unit. Model #CH7560VKA2.
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I checked the low voltage on the yellow wire and it is good going to a pressure switch, but nothing comming out. I ohmed the pressure switch and it was open. The yellow wire goes to the pressure switch then to the timer then to the contactor. I didn't have voltage to the contactor. Is the pressure switch bad? The outdoor fan is running, but at a slow rpm. If I push in on the contactor, the fan speeds up. I can't tell though if the compressor is kicking in. I by-passed the pressure switch and connected the yellow wire to the timer. I turned the power back on and set the t-stat to cool. The contactor energized and the fan speed increased quite a bit. I went inside and felt the air temp from the register and it is not very cold. Any ideas?
I checked the voltage on the contactor when it was pulled in and it is good. Before that, I unhooked the capacitor and tested it. It seemed to check out ok.
Well, it looks like I will be replacing the unit. I have an appointment with sears to give me a quote. Is there any specific brand that I should stay away from?
What brand of Heat pump do you guys prefer?
1 - 5 of 17 Posts
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