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Outside AC unit wont start

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The low voltage is good at the t-stat. The inside blower comes on and the outside fan comes on but not the compressor. I don't have 24 volts at the coil side on the contactor. I have 24 volts on the circuit board. This is a ICP unit. Model #CH7560VKA2.
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If your indoor fan and condenser fan is running when the thermostat is calling for cooling then you don't have a low voltage problem.

You either have a bad compressor capacitor, compressor issue-open circuit, loose conection but more than likely you don't have 220vac going through the contactor and the contactor needs to be replaced. Check voltage going into the contactor and out of the contactor while the contactor is pulled in. If it is 220 going in and out then it's time to check the capacitor and then the compressor.

Good luck
Do you have a set of gauges?

Was the pressure switch on the large or small copper line?

If the pressure switch you checked was on the large or suction line one of two things could be wrong. 1. Switch is bad 2. System is low on freon not allowing the compressor to operate there by not allowing damage to happen to the compressor
Sears is not a good choice to get a central A/C from.

They use sub contractors. Which are told how much they will be paid.
And then, have to eat any warranty work later on.

Sears makes the money from the subs sweat.

Same as Home Depot find a local contractor.
Yes thats true but still have to pay a percentage back to HD for the lead. The HD tried to get me to install for them but with all the paper work and if I remember right I had to pay back 10%. So I took the Trane dealer and never signed up with HD. They had some big wig come from Colorado try and get me to install.
I sell Trane and Arcoaire (ICP Product)

I like the ICP Line

All of these are ICP

Carrier, Arcoaire, Comfortmaker, Tempstar

I used to install Comfortmaker untill a SH&TA$$ company was given the Comfortmaker line and my distributor had to switch to Arcoaire. Thanks Morrison Supply. I have installed alot of CM and have only a couple problems in the past 5 yrs

I'm sure others will chime in
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