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Outside A/C unit fan not blowing - please help (have pics)

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I have a Trane XB-10 (outside unit) and noticed late yesterday that my unit fan was not working. I flipped the outside breaker off for a couple of mins, then back on. Within 45 secs - 1 min. something kicked on and I noticed a "humming" noise coming from unit and within 10-15 more secs I noticed a click and then....nothing. I haven't noticed any standing water, line condensation, or anything out of the ordinary as far as what I'm used to seeing when I am working around the unit (landscaping, mowing, etc.) The fan still doesn't turn and I have posted a pic of my capacitor in the case that this is the issue. Please offer advice and assistance if you can.


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It needs replaced.
Thanks for the help beenthere.....
Are there any underlying issues that could cause this to happen? Anything as a DIY-er homeowner I could do to prevent this in the future or any further damage?
Thanks again. :thumbup:

Was able to get in touch with someone who had a cap, put it in (after I cleaned the coils - HOLY :censored: !!!!! those things were filthy and I think I disturbed a mouse nest too) cranked it up and now I'm happy (and more importantly - so is the Mrs.)
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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