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Outside A/C unit fan not blowing - please help (have pics)

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I have a Trane XB-10 (outside unit) and noticed late yesterday that my unit fan was not working. I flipped the outside breaker off for a couple of mins, then back on. Within 45 secs - 1 min. something kicked on and I noticed a "humming" noise coming from unit and within 10-15 more secs I noticed a click and then....nothing. I haven't noticed any standing water, line condensation, or anything out of the ordinary as far as what I'm used to seeing when I am working around the unit (landscaping, mowing, etc.) The fan still doesn't turn and I have posted a pic of my capacitor in the case that this is the issue. Please offer advice and assistance if you can.


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Its bulged. It needs replaced.
They go out when they want.

Only thing that you can do, is keep your condenser coil clean. Puts less strain on the compressor, fan motor, and the cap.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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