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I live in an area where it's difficult to get an electrician to come out, and I have an electrical problem. Yesterday I went to plug in a space heater in my living room. On the other side of the wall in the kitchen, an air fryer was running. As soon as I plugged in the space heater, it stopped working. The outlet doesn't work, and three other outlets in the same area of the living room stopped working. The air fryer was on GFI, which never tripped. That outlet still works. The circuit breaker didn't trip, and as far as I can tell, other outlets in the living room that are live are connected to the same circuit breaker switch. I have shut that switch off on the circuit breaker for now. I cannot find a GFI in the house that is currently tripped. I shut off power to the house and switched out the outlet that I tried to connect the space heater to yesterday. Even with the circuit breaker switch turned back on, that didn't work. I haven't switched out the other two outlets that aren't working in the living room. To the best of my knowledge, the outlets that are out are not connected to a half-hot switch. I'm at a loss of what the problem can be.
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