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Outlet Spacing in a Basement Hallway

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Finishing my basement here, and I have an outlet spacing question.

In my basement from the bottom of the stairs I have 180 degree turnaround into a hallway. I understand that outlets need to be no further than 6 feet from a doorway, and no further than 12 feet apart along a straight wall in a normal room, but do the same rules apply to both sides of a hallway?

In the turnaround at the bottom of the stairs, do I need an outlet 6 feet linearly from the left side of the stairs?

Do I need an outlet in the four foot length of wall at the end of the hallway between two doors?

Do I need outlets on both sides of the hallway or only one?

Thanks for the help!
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You don't mention the size of the hall.
I think it's about 30 feet long.
I'd put outlets at all the places you highlighted on your diagram with a hall that size.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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