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Outlet not working

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I had my garbage disposal unit disconnected and I capped the wires in the wall near the counter. I was replacing my other outlets and found that the one nearest to the old switch is not working. The circuit breaker is fine I tested them all. Could it be that this outlet works only with the one from the disposal?:whistling2:
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Look at the wires you capped off to see if there is more than one set of wires. Your problem could be there and you just disconnected them. Sometimes there is a 3- wire going to the GD and a 2-wire going somewhere else, maybe to your outlet.
There are other wires capped off in that box of which the wires for the original switch fed into. There is no box surrounding a number of capped wires which look like a daisy chain. And I thought this was going to be a piece of cake. :confused1:
Was the oulet working before you disconnected the GD?
I wish I only knew

Yes it was. A contractor disconnected the GD and then I started replacing the outlets. The end outlet is a GFI and that works fine. As I work my way to the left the next one is the switch for the GD. I capped each wire and the ground and then covered up the outlet. When I moved on to the next outlet once I replaced it I found it didn't work. So I took it off to test the wires but that didn't do me any good. All the other outlets are hot. One thing was these wires were short and I had to extend them but even with that the wires without the extensions are not hot. I'm miffed.....:wallbash:
Ok, so what did you find in the GD outlet that the contractor disconnected? And what do you mean you covered up the switch?
Since the switch wasn't going to be used for anything I just put a plate over it after I capped off the wires. Inside the box were what seems contiguous wires that were all capped and you can see them because it was obvious when the contractor was wiring the outlets he did put a box in and then bring the wires through the back.:icon_confused: I think I'll move on to the other outlets and finish them up and see where I stand once they are done. I've taken too much time on this one.
Sorry it was so late when I got done there is a box surrounding the other capped off wires it just didn't look that way at first since the box is bigger than the normal ones on the other outlets.
I replaced the next outlet and now all is working fine. Go figure.....
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