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Outlaw LEDs?

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Hi! I am wondering if anyone has installed Globe Electric IC rated 12 watt 6" LED lights, part #91126 on Amazon, the shallow ones that hang in holes cut in the ceiling.

I read that some of the LED lighting sold on Amazon is not UL listed and not legal to install in homes in the United States, and this is what I'm wondering about. I can still return the ones I ordered, but the return window closes tomorrow, Jan 31. I installed one of these 7 months ago in a bathroom renovation, and they seem to be quality as I've had no problem with it.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
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No UL to me is a big No. Especially when it comes to electrical items installed in my house. Probably made in China. I avoid Chinese products whenever possible. I haven't looked up your particular lights, but if you got 7 months out of them, I would return them before they fail.
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