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Outdoor Pavilion with Fireplace

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I'm planning to build a structure very similar to the one in the picture. I'm curious if I should attach the structure to the fireplace or let them float separately? Both the fireplace and the support columns will be on the same poured foundation. the foundation is 3' of block over poured concrete with rebar so the columns and the fireplace should move the same over winter. or I should say not move. I'd prefer to bolt them to the fireplace for added support in windy conditions.


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Let them float separately, or in other words, each structure should be individually self supporting.

The wood structure will expand and contract at a different rate that the masonary. The wood may also flex a bit with wind loadings.

The differences in movement can exert large stress loads. These can damage either the chimney or the roof structure.

I am fairly certain that they built the roof in the pic around the front side of that chimney with no attachment.
+1 You don't want any flexing on the structure from wind loads breaking the joints in the masonary.
Be sure you create a warm air cavity above the fire to ensure proper draft and consider a taller chimney. The one shown looks short compared to the peak of the structure.

Peak of the structure is not necessarily the issue. g
Emeril guideline is that is needs to be 3 feet higher than the roof where it breeches and two feet higher than anything within ten feet of it. THAT said, it is true that air flow over a peak, over and around trees, whatever can affect the draw of a fireplace or wood stove. Ron
There also should have been a cricket where that chimney meets the roof.
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There also should have been a cricket where that chimney meets the roof.
If you are not going to have connected, which has been recommended, you don't need the cricket.
I agree. that chimney is a bit short. It looks as if the structure may be attached.

If you don't attach the structure does the metal flashing from the roof get attached? I'm just concerned about rain water. I know it's open but I don't want water running down the front of the chimney.

Thanks again everyone.
As long as you are not bolting structure to the chimney, you can still bring the roof deck close. Flashing and shingles will cover the small gaps. And do build a cricket to shoot the water away from the chimney.

There is a cricket in the pic you posted. While it looks well constructed, I would have built it a little larger.
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