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outdoor painting problem

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i rebuilt a porch last fall. i painted the pressure treated risers with 2 coats valspar high hiding primer sealer and 2 coats of behr premium plus interior/ exterior hi-gloss enamel, i think. all the paint chipped. everything was painted in a garage but winter came early and possibly too cold. also, the pressure treated wood seemed a little wet. i pressure washed the risers to get most of the paint off. i’m going to take it all apart and repaint the risers and stain the treads. thoughts on what I did wrong? different paint suggestions?
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I agree with you, the pressure treated wood was too wet. You are not doing anything wrong imo.

When working with pressure treated wood, I usually wait and paint/stain the next year. Giving it at least 6 months to a year to dry out. Just my opinion.
I've never heard of a high hiding exterior grade primer... Are you sure it was rated for exterior? I dont see an exterior valspar primer that says high hiding.... I think you screwed up.

Also, dont use paint you get at box stores if you want a lasting product.
If you had of waited to let it dry out and used a solid stain like Olympic Max instead of paint it would not have failed.
Painting over wet wood will seal in the moisture and it can rot and mold from the inside out.
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Painting over wet wood will seal in the moisture and it can rot and mold from the inside out.
Not when its when its wet from pressure treatment., but the paint wont stick anyway, so...
the primer i used...didnt even consider that i was painting pressure treated wood...just in a hurry to get it done which usually ends up with more problems.


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Bad primer for two reasons - rated for interior and it's latex. While I would use a solid body stain instead, you could try to paint again but I would use an exterior oil based primer and latex paint from a paint store instead of a paint department.
Using interior primer on exterior wood... Not something you want to do.

That multi surface underneath it would have been a better choice... still not the best choice.

Like someone above said, waiting for it to dry and using a solid color stain instead of primer is a good option. long dry oil primer is the best option though.
not sure what I was thinking with the primer. i used restore-a-deck stain for my deck and it was great. would have used solid stain but worried it wouldnt make the paint on the rest of the porch. thought on what I should do now? i’ve pressure washed everything that came off easy. i could scrap and sand...
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