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Outdoor masonry junction box

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I just found the buried junction box for my pole/step lights. It was stucco-ed over.

After I chiseled out the stucco and pryed open the cover, I see a junction box in pretty bad shape.

The screw holes on this box are shot after 45 years.

I wonder if I get a weatherproof extension ring, something like this.

mount the ring onto the concrete directly (can't use the messed up holes on the junction box), then put a cover over it. Would that work?

It's going to be a real pain to take out this box to replace with a new one.
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Don't know how you would mount that particular extension box directly to the concrete as it's the same size as the box that is buried in the concrete. They do make or at least used to an extension that had a lip extension around the perimeter (pic) that would possibly make it easier to mount to the concrete. Are you sure you can't run a threaded screw tap into a couple of the existing screw mounts. It might just be worth a try. The 3 on top don't look to bad or the center one on the bottom. Good luck.


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