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Outdoor masonry junction box

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I just found the buried junction box for my pole/step lights. It was stucco-ed over.

After I chiseled out the stucco and pryed open the cover, I see a junction box in pretty bad shape.

The screw holes on this box are shot after 45 years.

I wonder if I get a weatherproof extension ring, something like this.

mount the ring onto the concrete directly (can't use the messed up holes on the junction box), then put a cover over it. Would that work?

It's going to be a real pain to take out this box to replace with a new one.
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I tried the three holes at the bottom, all three were literally turning into dust as I thread a screw in carefully. They are thoroughly corroded/oxidized. The three top ones are ok.

I am thinking if I use an extension ring, I can make a "permanent" connection to the box and never mess with taking the ring off, just need to open the cover to the extension ring whenever I need to.

I am now thinking of using a bigger 2 gang extension ring like this.

I have patched the stucco around the box.

I think with this bigger ring, I can use the top center hole to attach to the existing box behind. Then I will enlarge the four outside holes of the extension ring if necessary, so I can use Tapcon screws to attach to the masonry directly. That will leave the four holes for the blank cover.
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