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Outdoor LED strips to burial conduit for power

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So we finally redid a large portion of the fencing around our horse farm and part of the project is trenching in conduit for powering bucket heaters so we dont have to have extension cords all over the place

The wife has also asked I install some LED strips at the gates so at night getting about is safer.

Now there are about a million different LED strip solutions out there but these seem liked they'd do:

My question are:

1) can I run low voltage wiring in the same conduit I'd be running 12/3?

2) what is best way to transition an LED strips' leads into the outdoor box my heaters will plug into - are there special knock-out grommets for LV wiring?

Thanks all =)
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It looks like one can buy liquid tight connectors for knockouts so I could use those to bring the strip leads back to the buried conduit.

So really the question is can I run LV in the same conduit as a 120V 20A 12/3 circuit?
And in further reading here I came across:

It's completely code compliant to run different voltages in the same conduit provided all conductors are rated for the highest voltage present.
But what I might do is simply use direct burial landscaping wiring and liquid tight connectors to boxes to make connections... It would then be a separate system in different weather proof boxes so I should be OK there?
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