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outdoor faucet issue

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Hello, I was installing a 12" freeze proof outdoor faucet today, and I believe I busted the pipe inside the wall by over tightening the faucet. I can no longer reach the pipe (I believe) with the faucet pipe. Need some help here. What would be next step? Need to work with some urgency since water is shut off.

Thank you!
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Cut open the drywall inside the house.

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Can you post some pictures and a better explanation of the problem? I’m trying to imagine what you mean by “I busted the pipe inside the wall by over tightening the faucet”. Do you mean that the end of the faucet is threaded, like in the photo below, and you were threading it into a fitting that is buried in a wall? And that wall is more than 12” thick?

Are you sure that there isn’t a shutoff valve just for the outside faucet somewhere?



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That faucet was probably soldered to a copper pipe or glued to a plastic pipe. There have not been screw fittings for 50 years. Your probably going to have to open the wall. There should be a shut off valve somewhere.
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