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Outdoor electrical outlet restrictions? (next to gas line? height?)

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Hopefully this is some of the last questions I need to ask ...

I'm getting an above-ground pool installed and had a natural gas line installed at the back of the house. I'd like to place the pool outlets next to the natural gas line.

1) How far does an electrical outlet need to be from a gas line (as shown below) ?

2) How far do two outlets need to be from each other? (I need two outlets, each on different circuits for pool equipment)

Ideally I want to have the following:

2 outlets to the left of gas line. (separate boxes, outlets next to each other a few inches apart)
1 outlet will have timer installed in separate box above outlet plus an emergency shutoff switch above that.

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Sorry ... I'm from Mountain Top, Pennsylvania.

I've submitted and had a building permit approved but it didn't include specifics on the outlets. It seems like the build permit inspector doesn't want to answer my questions until I've already performed the work?
Here is an annotated picture of what I'm looking to do:

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