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Hi guys,

So I've started working on my backyard this spring and I want to install electrical for a shed, outdoor low voltage lighting/accent lighting and a water fountian.

I don't have the slightest clue on where to begin with this or what the best idea in terms of how to run the wiring, where to put the switches for the lights, etc.

If anybody has any ideas on what/how I should go about doing this, then that would be great. I'm just trying to get ideas on what the best/safest way to setup the work (how to feed into electrical, where to install switches for each)

I'm thinking of running new wiring from the main electrical control panel to the backyard...but if there are better ways (feeding into existing) then that would be good too (but probably won't provide enough energy)

Any help or advice would be great. Thanks!

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Is there existing power in the shed? How much do you need. Doesn't sound like you'd need more than a 20 amp circuit, maybe two. Run a branch circuit (or two) into the shed, that way, you can put all the control devices for everything else in there (timers, switches, transformers etc.)

Next question you will ask is how to do this. A lot of how depends on how far it is to the shed and what is in between the house and the shed.

I don't read this site often, don't be offended if I don't answer for a while. I'm sure someone else will answer it in the meantime
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