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Our bathroom wall is rotting out any suggestions???

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Our bathroom wall is soggy and caved in at spots. Its seems as if whoever redid the bath tub and shower the people just put sheet rock up and covered it with a plastic wall covering. Now my wife and I are trying to redo it and are on quite the fixed budget and I'm not sure how or what to do to solve this dilemma. Anybody have any suggestions?
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there are whole threads on proper steps to take. Unaced insulation then poly over tub and walls extending down over the lip of tub,

then cement board,

then redguard or similiar

then tile,grout and sealer!!

Anything less is asking for do over.

Oh and while we are at it ANY punky or compromised framing is replaced all first!! that means walls floors anything!! IF your gutting the whole room the mold proof paperless drywall for the REST of the room is a great idea to prevent mold in a damp likely spot,,,,a bathroom.
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