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Osmosis flow.

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I'm having a water flow problem with my RO system. Water flow was bad last Month so I changed the two filters and membrane which temporarily fixed the problem. The pressure in my tank is 10 psi empty and when I disconnect the tank from the system and open the valve water flows really well. I knows the spigot works because i took out the RO system and put in a 3 filter water purification system which the water runs fine. I just cannot figure out what the problem is. Any ideas?
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My Watts instruction manual says 7# with empty tank, if same brand... check lines for kinks, make certain pump operates, ensure valves are open fully- turning counter-clockwise with angle stop or water line valve, 5-7# optimum air pressure.

What is the incoming water line pressure for the ro system?
It could be that you will need a buster pump for the ro system.
Thanks for the replies! Turns out one of the filters I replaced last month was bad. When i swapped the pre and post filters water was flowing just fine! It was that simple. The post filter was bad.
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