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OSB vs Plywood

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I'm building a clubhouse for my kids and framed out the walls. I'm ready to "skin" the frame. I used a mixture of 2x2 and 2x3s to frame it. I wanted it light so I could transport it to our Farm and reconstruct it by Panel when I get there.

My question is will 1/4 Plywood be tough enough to last with two good coats of exterior paint or is that wishful thinking. Also, would there be any difference between plywood and OSB.

Also, I was at Home Depot today and noticed they had Plytanium. Anyone ever use that before.

Look forward to your opinions.

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Hardi also makes products available in sheet form that hold up well. Little more difficult to work with, but in my opinion, a superior product to the LP. Cost is comparable. If you do decide to go with the plywood, go with 1/2". The cost will be virtually the same, and the added strength will make it last longer.
As it is a child's clubhouse I assume that it doesn't have to win any architectural digest awards; therefore good exterior paint over plywood will give you service for a good number of years depending on the climate. I doubt that the grandchildren will play in that clubhouse though. Consider using an exterior grade plywood at least 3/8", 1/2" is better, or a "rated sheathing". I have never seen 1/4" plywood that is rated for exterior use, in your area you may have exterior 1/4 " available I still don't see it holding up for long. The LP siding (wood particles and resin) and the Hardi-Plank (fibre cement board) both will hold up very well for many years, your grandchildren will play in the clubhouse. Good Luck.
IF you want it light, use plywood. OSB is much heavier.
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