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Ordering block

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I gave up finding a mortarless block system so just going to go with the standard 8x8x16. Do I need to order corners separately? Home Depot didn't have a clue, they just said I'd get a pallet and whats on it is what you get. Just want to make sure I get what I need. I figured it'll take around 800 blocks, with 5 corners.
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A pallet of block will come with both the corner and stretcher blocks.
I can't speak for HD block, as I can buy concrete block locally here with far better options for FAR better pricing. There's really no such thing as a corner block on an 8" wide wall, just a flush end block. Typically, between 20-30% of 8" block on a pallet will be either single of double end flush block. Knowing how HD beats the heck out of their suppliers, they probably don't mix any flush block in at all..........
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If I need a lot of block I'll go to the block supplier/manufacturer. They send out a mixture of both types on a pallet, same thing if you go there to buy several dozen individual blocks. If I just need a few block, I'll go to Lowes. They generally have both types on their pallets.
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