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Alright, I'm doing a complete basement finish and was just curious about the next best step and why:

Currently, I've taken a concrete basement all the way through framing, electrical, drywall, etc. (Actually, finish crew is there right now on coat #2).

Next step -
Paint (Walls and ceiling)

Next items:
Doors and jambs
Baseboards and trim
Flooring - Engineered Wood (through all doorways)
Flooring - Tile (in bar area with cabinets and countertop)
Flooring - Vinyl Tile (in laundry area with cabinets and countertop)

My question is what is the best order? In the laundry area, I'm thinking installing the cabinets first, and just putting the peal and stick vinyl tile around the cabinets. Chances are, the tile will go bad before anything else, and that would make them easy to move in and out. Also, they don't take up any real height, so I wouldn't have to shim the cabinets to finished floor height.

For the bar area (with tile) - tile first, and install everything on top?

For the main area - floor first then doors so the jambs are even and don't have to do extra cuts on the floor?

As far as baseboard trim, I'm thinking that would be last?
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