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Orange peel - sand out - repaint?

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So I was wrong or maybe I'm just looking for a bit too much perfection but I found so spots that are a bit orange peely on my cabinets sprayed with BM Advance and a Graco Magnum airless sprayed with fine finish tip..

Can you sand the orange peal out like you might with an automotive paint job or would I need to sand and repaint or just live with it.. It may not even be visible at all where the cabinets sit. But knowing its there bothers me a bit...
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Advance wet sands really well. Some 400-600 grit wet dry paper and a little water can slick it down amazingly well. You will have to re paint it though.

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I never thin it.
Some people like to add a splash of water for brushing it, never seemed necessary to me.

Your orange peel may have been caused by too thin of a coat.

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