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I am looking to relocate a north-facing shed that is currently at the end of my driveway. The shed sits on a concrete slab that will likely need to be torn up. I would like the shed moved to the back corner of our backyard, where it would become east-facing. I suspect that a new concrete pad would need to be poured.

The dimensions of the current concrete slab are 11'x10' and it looks to be 4-6" deep. The shed is 10'1" x 9'8".

The attached pictures show:
1) the current side view of the shed from the end of the driveway
2) the side view again, showing the narrow-ish space between the shed and our house - it's just over 5' wide
3) the current front view of the shed
4) another angle of the front view showing the back corner where we'd like it moved - down a slight incline on our grass, and probably about 30' or so to the back.

I've tried to get quotes from contractors for the full job, but have only found one that would remove the concrete slab and pour a new one.

What's my best option? I'm thinking I have a couple choices:
- try to take apart the existing shed, and relocate it to a new slab. Would it be possible to dismantle and put back together? How difficult would that be? I'm a DIY newbie, but could get a few hands to assist.
- get a new shed on a new slab and remove the existing slab/shed

Thanks in advance,

- H


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Moving a shed like that is actually easier than you might think. You simply roll it on pipes. This vid will give you the basic concept.

You don't necessarily need a jack setup like that guy shows. There's a few different ways to get it up high enough to get the skids and pipe underneath it. Once on the skids and pipes you'll be surprised on how easy it is to move.

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As I posted in another thread about moving a shed.
A few years ago the local HS Football coach had a similar shed that he wanted moved.

He got 4 pipes like that video , and lifted the shed to place the pipes equal distance apart under the shed, then had 8 teenage football players lift the empty shed and walk it over to it's new location.

Just have your new pad laid and cured. Then move the shed.


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See all the damage at the bottom of the shed?
It was caused from the shed sitting on a slab pored to low to grade and being bigger then the shed.
I'm sure there was also water getting in under the walls done like that.
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