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I live in a city with hard well water(20-25), but particulate wise I have no reason to believe we have any problem. Your typical city with quality wells. The house is 1950s era with iron plumbing, and being a city with age I'd guess our water mains in the area date back to then if not 1930s.

To the point I have a larger sized water softner - I think 3800 grain whirlpool unit, and was wondering if I would benefit from putting a sediment filter ahead of it? Any personal experiences or thoughts if you saw a benefit? Suggestions?

I have a water spicket ahead of the softner I use to fill watering cans (for plants) bi-weekly, and when I use it I do get a few seconds of rusty water before it clears. Whether from the iron piping under the home or the city I don't know. Much of my core plumbing in the basement where it enters the house was replaced with copper by a prior owner to presumably improve flow because of the common build up with iron pipes, but from there out to sinks/etc it is all iron.

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