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Opinion on my outdoor shed/barn.

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Any tips or critiqs on my construction of my small barn.
Its a 12' deep, 16' wide, 3 stall small barn. The center section is 8' os to os wide with 6x6x10 posts on 4 corners with 2x8x12s with 1/2 plywood sandwiched for the 'beams' to tie the front to the back on each side. 2x8s doubled up and notched into the post tops 1 1/2"to tie the side to side together. front and back. Double 2x8x12 for the ridge beam. Off the center section, 4', left and right, are 8' 6x6s with 2x8x12s with 1/2 ply sandwiched, front to back, and single 2x8 tieing it to the center section. 4/12 roof with 1/2 decking and shingles. Hurricane straps on all rafters. Probably put small attic front and back of center section. What do you think of my informal construction? First "shed" ive built.
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