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Opening a skylight window

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I am interested in opening my skylight window in order to obtain rooftop access. Right now the window is inserted with some sort of shabby tar. I myself have some building experience but never inserting a window in the ceiling. Any advice on where to get started? Or even how to get myself an estimate for such a thing? Thank you! Sam
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So are you saying that you would like to replace an existing "fixed" unit with one that is operable, in order to get access to the roof as needed?... Or are you trying to figure out if there is some way to open the unit that you already have?
What's wrong with using a ladder to get on the roof?
Let me also add that when you mentioned "installing a window in a ceiling", I assume that you are referring to a proper skylight. An actual window should never be installed in a ceiling/roof.
...I'm sure that is the case, I just had to make sure ;)
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