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Open -Vented Closet Organizer Plans (help)

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Hi Folks,

I promised my wife that I would build her a closet organizer. She/we want to make it out of a nice hardwood, with no plywood or MDF. We like the “Vented Design” such as: We ordered one of these for the bathroom, very nice, attractive, but the Cedar aroma was a bit overpowering. She also wanted a different kind of hardwood and I want to build them. I ordered 30 board feet of Macacauba, so its time to get serious about this project.

We have a walk in closet that is 8 ft x 5 ft with a 4 t wide door opening. I only need to build on the back 8ft wall and one of the 5ft walls (see attached .gif)

I need to find a plan for this type of closet organizer. I built a workbench for my garage without a plan, and quickly learned that for a beginning DIY/Woodworker like myself, that was a big mistake. So much time and wood was wasted, I will not “wing it” again for a long time.

Yes, there are many closet organizer plans out there, I have purchased a few to see if I could adapt, but I can’t really find a plan that is close to the Northern Kentucky shelves (BTW – They are great people to work with if you want ready built shelves).

Attached are some photos of similar shelves from other companies.


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Hope this helps......

I think the best way is to draw it out or to adopt different concepts from different plans. You said that you had a few designs. Have you thought of taking them and combining only the technics you liked? I built a garage work area out of the combination of 3 different designs. I just took the ideas and technics I felt comfortable doing at that time with the level of my experience. The most important thing to remember is the hard lessons in wood are stepping stones to fine tune your craftsmanship. I bet you learned some “not to do this again” lessons. Send me some drawings and I give you my opinion if you want it. Merry Christmas too! :thumbsup:
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