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Ooops...laid the floor the wrong way

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Okay, I feel like a total knuckle head and lost a whole night sleep after I realized what I did...I accidentally installed hardwood flooring in a 6 x 6 closet parallel to the floor joists...can I get away with this or do I have pull up the floor and start again??? If I have to pull it up, will the wood be okay to use again?:furious:
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It will make no difference what so ever---go back to bed and relax
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Running perpendicular dates back to the days when the wood was installed directly on the joist with no subfloor. With a decent subfloor under it you'll have no issues.
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What's the worst that could happen in a closet anyway.
I wouldn't put a grand piano in your closet.
I did not know that there was a right or wrong way in installing flooring. I was expecting you to state that you installed it upside down, with the finished against the sub flooring.
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