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ontario electrical code item

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Need a code reference on outlets enclosed in cabinets; have a hinged swing out/up appliance platform - mixer etc. normally plugged into outlet at back of cabinet. Appliance is never used unless cabinet door is open and appliance is out in the open. Is outlet OK according to code?
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Don't know about Canada, but in US NEC the outlet is allowed, but cannot be counted as one of the required counter-top receptacles.
a receptacle shall not be placed in a cupboard, cabinet, or similar enclosure EXCEPT
-an intergal part of a factory-built enclousre
-provided for use with a specific type of appliance that is suitable for
installation within the enclosure
-intended for a microwave oven
-intended for a cord connected range hood
-intended for a cord connected combination microwave oven/range hood

So you probably could get away with it by useing exception #2
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Sounds like an appliance garage type of setup. Receptacle is permitted inside the garage but it MUST be turned off automatically when the door not fully opened. 26-710(i) (2009 code book)
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