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Does anyone know Ontario code for grounding a satellite dish?

Installer installed dish and only then said they wanted to run ugly ground wire sixty feet across red cedar home exterior; homeowner told them not to and then installer (Bell) said they've only been told to start grounding recently and it didn't matter anyway.

From what I'm reading the ground is important to dissipate static, and lightning can otherwise be attracted to the dish. (It's not very high up on the house and I'm not sure how much of a problem this is, but I am... concerned).

I am wondering if the dish can just be grounded on a wire we install at the dish that goes through a basement window frame and is bonded to the copper pipe supplying a hose bib, or if code requires it to be taken the entire length of the basement to the main panel. (Either of these will be a better solution than an idiot running it along the outside of the house.)

Also, what specs for the wire?
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