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Ontario, Canada help with basement electrics price

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Hello everyone, we live in Ontario Canada and are looking to finish our basement. We are wondering what it would cost to wire our basement at the moment.
I did the drawing in MS paint :/ and it's pretty close to our dimension give or take a few inches. We just want a rough idea.
No pot lights needed just regular lighting.
We don't need anything fancy. The bathroom will have a fan, wall light, and plug. The basement is all open and not framed yet, ceilings are open (we are looking to see how much everything will cost first)
Current lighting is about 5-6 pull chain light fixtures.
No laundry room and panel is very close to bathroom. We have ample panel space too for extra circuits and our service is 200 amps.
No electric heat or in floor heating. The only out of the ordinary thing I can think of is a plug on the wall for a TV and a separate plug for a refrigerator somewhere near the open space.

Do electricians normally charge per sq/ft for basic wiring setups? I understand that for custom installations charging by sq/ft is not possible but for basic wiring maybe?
Our basement is just under 700 sq/ft.

We really are just looking for a ballpark number more or less. We called 3 electricians and they all want between $150-200 to do an estimate which will get credited to the cost of the install.


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This is not what the forum is about. It clearly states in the sticky, that no prickng information is available to anyone.

As far as how much that it will cost. It depends on a lot of factors. The biggest one is how overbearing the customer is, the difficulty, if the customer just wants it done with or without any kind of technology to control it.

Also consider permits, materials, labor, insurance costs, payroll and gas to get to the customer.
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