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Ontario (Canada) Electrical Code

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Hello: I have been lurking for some time, but now have a question.

I am considering some work in an upstairs bathroom that requires a dedicated cicuit to be run up from the basement. My house has plaster walls. I am trying to locate the best way to run the wire up 3 floors without significant plaster damage. Outside is not an option.

I do have a 4 inch plumbing waste stack that runs the entire way up inside walls and it would be possible to fish the wire within the walls all the way along side of this stack. Would code permit this?

To be clear I will have a qualified electrician complete the work, I just want to have as much of the ground work done so I know what to expect etc. I don't want someone to come in and start hacking at 3 floors of plaster. I want a plan of action before hand.

Thanks for any help
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Code would permit the wire to run beside the stack pipe.
FYI, Code in Ontario does not require a dedicated circuit for a bathroom. It does not prohibit either so you can run the dedicated if you wish.
Only needs to be secured where it can be accessed. No need to cut holes to secure it.
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