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First I'll say thanks to everyone who posts &/or responds here!
As the title says, I need to complete 1 issue in order to pass my County Concealment Inspection on a 4-year homeowner basement project.
I admit, I am soooo confused over this last issue!!! :confused1:
Any & all responses appreciated in advance; Here Goes:

Basement slab, fiberglass neoangle shower receptor already set in place & drain connected (had plumber help me). I "framed-in" a shower seat 3' wide X 18" deep, all press. treated studs, added 3/4 ply for 1st layer of seat top. Then applied Hardi-Backer on top of 3/4 ply & secured in place properly. Then installed DuRock on ALL walls that will be inside of the entire perimeter of shower&seat bump out, leaving a slight opening 5" up from seat top @ the 2 inside framed corners. (This I did from a great suggestion I found on-line which then allows for a place to perform an "ouside fold & tack" of the proposed PVC shower liner @ these 2 inside corners.)
The missing PVC shower liner is the only violation that I was issued from the my local inspection division. :icon_mad:

So my dilemma is this: When I secure the PVC shower liner membrane on top of the cement board using the ASTM approved PVC shower liner glue that I purchased what do I do @ the vertical face of the shower seat. I was already informed by my County Inspector that the PVC membrane should continue from the seat all the way to approximately 1/2" over the top lip of the fiberglass shower receptor.
So my question is regarding the front vertical face of the framed shower seat.
Do I install the PVC membrane behind the vertical front cement board allowing it to petrude just under the cement board's bottom which would end just above the fiberglass receptor lip. (If I do it this way how do I properly secure the cement board to the front vertical surface??)
Do I install the cement board securely to the front vertical framing and then glue the PVC membrane to the cement board with the membrane ending the required 1/2" below the end of the cement board. (If I do it this way, how do the tiles stick to it??)
(Any advice from a professional tiler would be also be helpful to this weary DIY'er.) :hammer:
THANKS (P.S. Also, please nobody try to tell me @ this point to do away with the framework & build a CMU style.)
By the way, there is a sump pump "directly behind" this shower seat in an open unfinished area to remain.
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