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On OFF On switch

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i just figured out what these switches are called, "momentary" switch
here are the details on the switch its self....

Toggle SPDT Center-OFF Momentary
Single Pole General Purpose AC Switch
• Toggle SPDT Center-OFF Momentary
• 15 (1250-I) or 20 Amp (1251-I), 120/277 VAC
• Industrial Grade
• Color: Ivory (others available)
• Fiber terminal insulation barrier standard
• Thermoset top, body and toggle
• Steel strap
• Limited 10 year warranty
Line Voltage Characteristics​
Contacts: oversize silver alloy for
long life and better heat dissipation

Termination: clamp-type terminals accept up to
#10 CU wire, back termination also

Mounts in standard one gang box

Operates in any position

120/277 VAC

Maximum Amp: 12 (1256), 16 (1257)

Motor Loads
1250-I: 1/2 HP - 120V, 2HP - 240V-277V
1251-I: 1 HP - 120V, 2HP - 240V

Fluorescent, tungsten and resistive loads:
full rated current capacity

Operating Environment:​
Location Interior Space

Operating -40° to 75° C

Relative 10% to 95% Non-condensing

Atmosphere Non-explosive, Non-corrosive
Flammability rated UL 94 V2

Vibration Stationary application
NEMA Level A

Testing and Code Compliance:​
UL listed

CSA Certified

Conforms to NEMA

I have a roll-a-shutter, its an out side shutter that lowers over the outside of a window, mine are electrical.
first off Ive done this a few years ago and cannot remember how i did it, that being said im trying to wire in the switches that go with this shutter, the switch looks like a regular residential toggle switch, how ever these switches are normally off, push the toggle up to raise the shutter, release the toggle and the shutter stops push down on the switch and the shutter lowers...
the shutter has 3 wires coming from the shutter motor, red, black and white. the switch has attachment screws for 3 wires, a screw in the middle (for power) and one at each end (up and down)
the switch is marked with, L1 A1 B1, its a P and S switch 1/2 hp 120 vAC
2hp 240v AC Cat 1250 15 amp

sure would like some help, thanks...
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The switch simply takes the power and sends it to one terminal or the other, depending on which way you hold it.

Red/black = up/down (not sure of the order)

white = neutral

At the switch, you have black and white = 120v power.

Black = hot (attach to switch)

White = neutral (attach to shutter white)
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There should be a schematic that indicates which color goes to for. and which goes to rev. If not, no biggie. White will be neutral, one hot will be up, and one down. On the switch end, splice the neutrals.
Put the hot on the common switch post. It may be differently colored, but perhaps not.
Tie one of the switch legs to the up side of the switch.
splice this to one of the motor leads.

Tie the other switch leg to the down side of the switch.
splice this to the remaining motor lead.

If you find that the switch legs are reversed, simply change them in the motor leads, or the switch, whichever is easier to get to.
thank you for your responses... i believe i understand what your telling me, how ever let me tell y ou how i have it wired and if it makes sense to you, then you could tell me where i have gone wrong....

i have power coming into the switch box, 14-3 ( i think this is where i am mostly messed up) and i have another 14-3 leaving the box going to the motor on the shutter. white/neutral from power and white/neutral going out to the motor are spiced together, white/neutral going to the motor is spliced into the white/neutral on the pigtail from the motor.... so i have whites/neutrals all tied together from when the power comes into the switch box all the way to the motor its self.
power coming into the switch box, the red and black wires are spiced together along with a black pigtail going to the switch L1 ( the red, the black and another black "pigtail" are wire nutted together attached to the center post on the switch L1)
14-3 going to the shutter motor, B1 on the switch, black wire going to the motor black wire , and A1 on the switch, red wire going to the motor red wire.
when i mentioned above that i thought i was messed up it was with the power coming into the switch box, normally i would have a black and white wire 14-2 coming in as the power for the switch, would i normally just tie the red and black together with the black power 14-2 and then tie the whites together?

thanks for your help again
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thanks guys i got it, it works fine now... it was mostly a senior moment... but thanks for your help
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