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I have been having issues with my toilet for over a week now. Please bear with me.

Last week my toilet was clogged. I pulled the toilet and determined there was nothing in it. I was able to dump about 15 gallons of water (quickly) down the pipe below with no backing up issue. When the toilet is attached and flushed, it does not flush.

Our system had two air admittance valves (AAV) on it, one for the toilet, one for a sink. Upon removing the toilet AAV, it flushes great. I had tried replacing the AAV with a new, working one and it did not fix the issue. (we know it works because it was from my dad's system and works properly there)

On Saturday, my dad and I replaced the AAV with a piece of PVC which was routed outside through a side wall in my basement. This seemed to fix the issue.

A few days later, on Monday, we had the septic tank pumped, thinking it was the route of the problem as it was full and in need of being pumped. The toilet continued to flush great.

On Wednesday morning, the toilet started flushing sluggishly again. With a little plunging, you are able to get it to flush correctly several times in a row. What is also curious is that when you drain the bathtub, the toilet will chug and clug and bubble.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? This is getting very frustrating. Thank you! :)
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